Humor is also a way of saying something serious. - T. S. Eliot

Friday, October 8, 2010

Words from the Sick House

Andi is napping and still healthy.  Daddy is napping; up too late last night with vomiting Ella.  I need to go turn in preschool tuition or risk paying a late charge.  To Sophia and Ella I say, 

"Stay inside while I am gone. If someone knocks, No answering the door, stay in the family room. Do not answer the phone.  And only go bother daddy if you are: bleeding, throwing up, or can't breathe."

I thought that ought to cover all the bases while being simple enough for them to implement my orders.  I think the combination of the stomach bug and strep throat that we have here in our house has tamed them enough so that I needn't worry about them climbing, jumping, or attempting to fly like a fairy off furniture.

Sophia looked at me and said quizzically, 


When I laugh...really hard...I can't breathe."


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  1. Poor baby, that is you, Shannon. The true babies are doing just fine with Mom & Dad's help. Yes, everyone will get over the bug and the barfing will stop. This is one reason for an all washable household. Remember to breathe occasionally, and to rest??? a bit too. Cheers, Aunt Pat