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Friday, December 17, 2010

Andi is 18 Months Old

1st time wearing your full snow gear on your 18 mo birthday.  14 degrees and we are headed out for sledding. You ended up not liking sledding, but you finally were comfortable enough to walk around in your new boots.  And then you wandered....

and wandered.
Unhappy, waiting for the xmas tree to get selected and cut down.

Waiting for Santa did not agree with you.

Here you are as the "Queen of Cooperation"

You and your  sunglasses.  You love sunglasses and shoes. 

On the eve of turning 18 months, you sat playing with Daddy and Ella when suddenly you tooted.  You looked daddy straight in the eye and said, "Ella tooted."  And then you laughed.  For the last couple weeks you have been surprising us with your vocab and sense of humor.  You love to say to mommy, "Apple!" and then mommy responds, "NO! It's a pumpkin!"  And back and forth we go as you giggle and pretend that you don't know what a pumpkin is really called.

At your check up this morning, you got a shot, but didn't cry, but you looked pissed.  The pediatrician reviewed your growth, you are long and lean.  And your ability to run and jump as well as use 2-4 word statements made the pediatrician say "Well, I guess we should be doing a 24 month check up, not an 18 mo check up."

In the last week, you have begun saying "potty" and you sit on the toilet briefly, but have never actually gone potty on the toilet.  But, I hope this means you are going to potty train early because I would welcome being released from the expense of diapers.

Some of your statements:
"Help me open it"
"Mommy, help"
"Mommy, door," you ran to me wanting me to know the twins left the sliding door open.
"Don't touch," you tell Sophia as she grabs you. Again.
"Stop it!" you yell at the small biting and growling dog that we have -- as your older sisters scream and run in fear of the dog.
"SANTA!" you yelled, pointing at the mall Santa.
"Oh Yeah! ohyeahohyeahohyeah," you say to me, as I open crackers for you to eat.
"I don't know."
"want more juice"
"P.U. Stinky!" Stopping dead in your tracks as you ran free through Macy's, the smell of the perfume department was more than you could bear.  

You have tried to put your shoes on, and put your hat on.  You carry dolls and ask for help wrapping them in blankets before you put them in a toy crib.  You are full of random acts of kisses/hugs.  And while you appear to love both your sisters, you are much like Sophia, which may be why you and Ella play together so well. Ella makes you laugh and you are attracted to her like a bug to a light. 

Ella entertaining you as you await your lunch. 
What an amazing little girl you are growing up to be!  Happy 1-1/2 years old, Andi!

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