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Saturday, December 11, 2010

"It's Not THAT the Winds ablowin', It's WHAT the Wind's ablowin"

The snow blower won't work, so Ella is sent out to deal with 12 inches of snow. 

Andi stayed inside to radio for help.  "Can anyone get us on a flight to FL?"
That quote came from one of Ron White's stand-up routines.  He can be so offensive, he's crass and perverted...but I love him.  He's one of my favorite comics.

And today, the wind is blowing SNOW.  So much snow that no amount of zoloft and light therapy that I do can make me happy about living here on the tundra.

We sent Ella out to shovel

I really hate the weather here and it seems to have gotten to the point that I begin to dread winter once August hits.  Prior to living on the tundra, we lived in MO where I wore my winter coat for a total of two weeks during the MO winter season.  I could totally handle that.  I don't like skiing or snow shoeing.  I'm not into riding a snow mobile and sledding lost it's fun for me years ago.  I like to "fiddle fart" around outside.  Water plants, trim the bushes, mow the lawn, run, walk, sweep, clean out my fountain, etc.  You can't do that here on the tundra. At least not for very long.

I've talked with Big D about moving south.  FL, IA, MO have all come up as options.  But I always back down because I get worried about the quality of education, health care, and extra curricular activities.

I really do love our pediatrician, who we have seen weekly for the past 5 weeks thanks to all the bugs these tiny children catch and spread around.  And when they need to be hospitalized, we are a very short drive from two great children's hospitals.

I hear a lot about how good the education is in our suburb and a few others around us should we finally have the money to move up to a bigger home one day.  I don't like the monotony of the culture here in the white burbs -- white, christian, middle and upper middle class.  I'd like the girls in a more colorful environment...but, I suppose moving to small town IA wouldn't do much for that...though growing up in a university town, I had friends from all over the world as their parents attended the university.  What an awesome thing!

Here in the cities, we can go to museums, nice shopping areas...gosh, all kinds of things.  BUT, the girls and I don't do much in the winter.  They are so small and it's so hard to get out in the bitter cold, after a while, it just gets old and I give up.  Plus, it can get expensive.

I suppose it's a decision in the works...whether we'll stay or whether we'll go...but days like this, where we are getting 17+ inches of snow and the wind is blowing it into drifts up to my husband's waistline and the snow blower doesn't work makes me want to run like hell from here.

The only thing keeping me from completely succumbing to the resentment I have towards the dark cold weather here on the tundra, is the kindness of our neighbors who have snowblowed out our driveway for us many times.  And especially today, when three of us still have stomach flu and Big D is trying to take care of us, the house, and the mounds of snow we are buried under.



OMG -- I just felt a pang of excitement!  As I type this, Big D just replayed the promo for "Ax Men".  New season starts this Sunday!  Things might be OK after all!  I lo-ove "Ax Men"!  And "Ice Road Truckers" and "Dog the Bounty Hunter."  I do have a bit of girl in me, too.  I like "House Hunters."  I think I've gotten off track...

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  1. I had to go out and shovel our driveway since my husband decided it would be more fun to walk around in the freezing temperatures deer hunting then spend our first blizzard of the year inside watching Ax Men with us. I LOVE that show and all the other bad reality shows that remind you that there are people that have crazier lives than we do out there!!