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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Leader Among Us

Sophia.  What can I say?  You are highly aware of your environment and everything that is going on.  You are loud about your needs, a very social child, thus you crave my presence every. minute. of. the. day.  And as an introvert, I've let you down, I'm sure, many times.

We just had your conference and your teacher said you are one of the first to get your work done -- you get it done well -- you are just highly efficient and ready to move onto the social aspects of preschool.  At carpet time, Miss Nancy says you are "on," readily answering questions about the stories, etc.  And then Miss Nancy shocked us.  She said she considers you a "leader" in the classroom. Daddy and I looked at Miss Nancy and we laughed.

"Is that what you would call it?"  Daddy asked.

"Yes.  She's not bossy. Believe me. I've seen bossy. She's just really a leader in here."

I walked out of that conference with a huge weight on my shoulders.  I don't want you to lose that quality.  I've always considered myself a follower.  Very comfortable to have people tell me what to do...but did find it empowering when a boss once told me I was  "quiet leader."  That was such a confidence building moment.  And I hope you can keep your spark, your "leader" ability. 

Daddy let it roll off his shoulders.  He's pretty laid back about all of this and said you'd "be fine. We'll just keep doing what we're doing."

Yea.  I suppose.

And we asked Miss Nancy how you and Ella were getting along in school since you've been coming home angry about sharing a classroom and friends.  It's like WWIII in the backseat some days as we drive home from school.

Miss Nancy said you two don't fight, but you do play separately and happily.  Daddy asked Miss Nancy, "If they are fighting, who is coming out the winner?  I'm just curious." 

I can always count on you to be my assistant at home and do it well, quickly, efficiently.  You and I are much the same.

Keep your spark little Sophia.  The world needs your fire and persistence.

You love working on projects.  I don't love setting up/cleaning up and need to work on offering you MORE opportunities for projects...

because look how proud you are and what a nice job you did!

YUM!  You made pizza at a school field trip and then shared it with Andi and mommy.  You have a big, generous heart.

You are 4 going on love to get your hair done, wear fancy clothes (are you mine?) and put on make-up and nail polish.  I have to admit, it is a bit fun.  And you are great to shop with and have an edgey sense of fashion. 

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