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Sunday, January 9, 2011


I remember thinking not long ago when the twins had stomach flu that this sucked and I was giving in to a pity party.  Then I saw the news that told of the cholera outbreak hitting Haiti, and that children were dying -- at times -- within hours due to the violent bouts of vomitting and diarrhea.  I quickly admonished myself and realized my children and I were damn lucky that all we had to do was hop in a car and drive less than 30 minutes away for a doctor and hospital to administer fluids to get them going again. 

In Haiti, the sick can either "get over it," as I just saw reported, or they can hike down a mountain to a make-shift cholera center.  Can you imagine having to hike down a mountain while dealing with dehydration, sick children, and the worst case of stomach flu you can imagine?  I can't. I'm a wuss.

Watching the show it reminded me that I really want to be able to go do something -- like go on a mission trip.  I dream not of lush vacations, but of going and serving people. I suppose I don't care if it's in the U.S. or outside the U.S.  But the issues in Haiti are really pulling at my heartstrings as I see sick children on TV.  I just can't tolerate that very well.

Are there mission type trips for those of us not in a church?  So I sat and watched and further learned that a man, who was labeled a "humanitarian" led a team into an isolated village. "Gosh, I thought. Maybe someday I could do something like that...When the girls are bigger."

And then I learned that in order to reach the remote village, you'd have to parachute out of the plane.

Well...after careful reconsideration, I've decided just to mail off a check.

Ask anyone in my family about my luck and they'll say, "If anyone's gonna step in the gum, it's Shannon.  If anyone's gonna get pooped on by the bird flying overhead, it's gonna be Shannon. If anyone's gonna get the furniture that you have to assemble and get the box missing a part, it's gonna be Shannon."

I'd like for them not to have to add, "If anyone's parachute isn't gonna open, it's gonna be Shannon's."

And really, cleaning up my splattered body parts is a poor use of a humanitarian's time when people need help. 

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