Humor is also a way of saying something serious. - T. S. Eliot

Monday, January 3, 2011

Andi's New Year's Resolution

Andi has decided on a New Year's Resolution.  She wants to begin using underwear.  She has started toward this goal by insisting she sit on the toilet -- NOT the stupid little potty chair -- every evening before the bath. "Potty potty potty!"

She gets the step-stool out, puts it in front of the toilet, climbs up, sits there and in the last week, has pee pee'd twice!  What in the hell?! 

Then she says, "all done" and climbs down, gets the stool and puts it away.

I watch in amazement.  Who is this child?  She's not really 18 mos old, is she?

Andi communicates with short phrases, she repeats everything, and even inquired with me the other morning, "What happened?" when she saw the mess on the stove top.

I was a bit surprised, but answered her, "Mommy spilled the oatmeal."

To further my surprise, she replied with "Woops."

I don't think Andi realizes that she isn't the same age as her four-year-old sisters...but that's ok...she provides me with something to be surprised about or laugh about everyday. 

Xmas morning opening stockings

Opening presents at Bobo's; hat provided by Uncle Pancake and Aunt Head-er

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