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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yes, Your Royal Highness

Andi has taken an interest in dressing up.  The twins headed over to the neighbor's house to play and she made good use of their absence by sorting through their princess attire and dancing around the house. 

Not only does she like to dress like them, she has become quite bossy, like one of her sisters.  "Too loud!" she yells at me, as we start the car and the radio blares on.  "Stop it," she tells me as I sing "Five Little Ducks..." and later as I try singing again, "No singing!" She may not like my singing voice or my choice of music, but she does command me to "dance" with her when Elmo is singing on Sesame Street. 

While Andi may not like my music, Ella is moving on from "The Wheels on the Bus" to Pink's hit song.  (For those that don't know, Pink is a music artist)  Ella doesn't know all the words, but gyrates around the house singing, "Don't be busy, just get dizzy..." 

Besides dancing and singing around the house, we also went on a trip to the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory.  Andi had two favorite things -- which mirror the twincesses favorite things when they were toddlers.  The stairs in the conservatory, and the water with the Koi.  Andi is awake from her nap signaling the end of my time to write, so here's a few pics...

Making Hot Chocolate Mix at the zoo

All three making their own penguin hat

Andi models her finished project

They could have spent all day in the room with the water that you can play in

Peeking at the fish

SOOOOO exciting to look at the fish

Up, down....up, down....up, down...up, down

No, we don't know those men, just wanted a picture of the conservatory

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