Humor is also a way of saying something serious. - T. S. Eliot

Monday, January 24, 2011


I talked to mom late last night -- after she and the nurse gave Kelli her first bath since last Thursday.  Apparently, one of the concerns with her reaction to this drug was liver failure.  Kelli's liver values seem to be moving back in the right direction.  She is still swollen and covered in a rash, and her balance is still off, though now she can walk in a straight line without assistance. But turning will cause her to fall.  She also ate dinner AND kept it down last night.  

The trouble has been trying to convince the doctors that even though Kelli has autism, she is PERFECTLY CAPABLE of walking normally.  So right now, while some of her lab values are doing better, they are overlooking physical symptoms because of, I guess, mistaken beliefs about Kelli's capabilities. 

Mom said they do have one good doctor who listens and explains things well.  The doctor came in at 2 in the morning on Saturday because she was thinking of Kelli and just wanted to check on her.  Mom is hoping this doctor is the one who is back to see Kelli this morning...and so this is yet to be continued.

Keep the love/prayers/good thoughts/healing energy coming and thanks to those who have been sending it. 



  1. I'm glad that your mother can be such a strong advocate for your sister and hope that she is on the mend quickly. It's no fun being in one place when your heart is somewhere else...

  2. ahhh...thanks IASoupMama. :) You are right, mom is Kelli's biggest advocate...hope you and your crew are all well.