Humor is also a way of saying something serious. - T. S. Eliot

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day in Dave's World

Dave slept in on Father's Day. He loves to sleep. Sophia raises with the sun. This high maintenance child, since birth, refuses to let anyone else sleep. She has wishes, needs, demands to satisfy. My gift to him, was to rise to her beck and call.

By 10:30 AM, Andi, unbeknownst to me, had eaten then choked on one of the girls pony tail holders. She threw it up, along with her breakfast and morning snack - all over the sofa. In my race to get her, I caught my toe nail on the rocking chair. I grab my toe with my right hand, and take the vomit covered baby under my left arm and fall onto the ottomon. I sit there debating in my head on whether to wake up Dave. The pain is not stopping, my nail, is hanging on by a thread.


The girls are dry heaving in disgust, "STOP staring at her throw up and go get daddy up," I tell them, trying to distract them before I have two more piles of throw up to clean up.

Five minutes pass. Dave staggers down.  Groggy from 10 hours of sleep.

I tell him that I think I might die. He asks me not to, "There are three little girls in this house and it will suck to have to do their hair styling every morning." 

I do owe it to Dave to do something nice for him. I often join the girls in giggling at him, as they call him a name they made up, like "Thunderbutt."

And they do repeat things I say when annoyed at how long it is taking him to get ready in the bathroom - on a weekend - when we all want to go do something - and need to stick to a schedule - because HELLOOOO - there are three small children that need structure. "What's daddy doing?" Example reply:  "I don't know. Putting lipstick on. I don't know what's taking so long."  A few days later, waiting for daddy outside I say, impatiently, "what's daddy doing?"  Ella yells to me, "Putting on lipstick probably."  The neighbors must wonder....

Then there's the time he read the monthly update in which I shared that Ella, who told me she was being Mr. Noodle from Seasame Street, was wiping her boogies on his keyboard, "like Mr. Noodle." "Maybe you could tell me that stuff instead of me having to read it a month later."

I had not considered that, I was simply looking for good writing material.

Daddy loves homemade Limon cheesecake with fresh-made whipping cream. We were able to pull that off without a hitch.  Next year, "daddy Dave", maybe you can sleep in.

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