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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Let's Talk about Why This Blog is Titled "Verge of Twinsanity"

The look Sophia gave me in the parking garage of Mall of America got me to thinking about what a scatterbrained nut I have become since having children. Outloud I said "Ok, where are we at?" hoping to ingrain in my memory where my van was parked as we prepared to exit the garage and enter the mall. Sophia heard me and half rolling her sassy 3 year old eyes said, "We are at the Mall."

Have you ever watched someone do something in public and thought, "what were they thinking?"

I have. In my younger, child-free days.

Now, as a mom to twins and a baby, I have become that person.

I have backed over my own stroller. Twice.

I have thrown the car into reverse and slammed into the still closed garage door.

I have searched frantically for my keys while in a store only to find them in my ignition. Can't even count how many times this has happened.

I have finished paying for my items, put my wallet back in my purse, corralled my children...and left my purchases on the check-stand.

I have unloaded a stroller or shopping cart of purchases at my car, only to find that we "shoplifted" items a twin squirreled away in the stroller. (Nail polish, a decorative flag, a t-shirt).

And lastly, the parking lot incident at the doctor office. When we came out of the doc office I noticed that my "Proud parent of twins" magnet was not on the van. I specifically put that magnet there so that I'd be sure to find MY van in the sea of minivans. I also noticed that there was a magnet for a sports team on the van. I start bitching in my mind "don't teenagers have something better to do than deface my car and put a stupid sports magnet on it?". At the car, I take the sports magnet off and frisbee it across the lot in a fit of anger after also noticing the van was all scratched up. I pull the door open and see the inside and think "Gosh, what a MESS!". The twins are just standing there and I become impatient "get in!" I command and start herding them in. Finally Sophie yells,

"MOMMY! This isn't our car!".

I look up and realize it is me defacing minivans. I've defaced the minivan of a mom in the special needs clinic.

"Umm. Ella. Can you go get that magnet and bring it over here?".

In awe of the whole witnessing of me finally falling off the deep end, Ella calmly states, "Sure".

Here's the kicker. I've gotten into the wrong car not once, but twice.

I plead twInsanity.

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