Humor is also a way of saying something serious. - T. S. Eliot

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ode to Dad on Father's Day

Dad is a hardworking man, who for all the time I have known him, has just wanted to provide for and make the members of his family happy. He has a deep, quiet pride for each of his three children: one a bleeding-heart, liberal social worker turned into freelance writer, a middle son and confidante, the creative graphic designer, and his youngest, a young woman with autism who has taught us all to be sure all people are included and accepted. He has always loved our quirks, seen and encouraged our strengths, and for this, we are most thankful. He is a "tinker-er," whose twin granddaughters love to follow him as he fixes and rigs broken household items, he endlessly walks with Andi, and swallows his manly pride while his twincess granddaughters accessorize him in pink Cinderella stick-on earrings.

And so it seems appropriate that we give him a day off from making him the object of stories re-told for purposes of a (really good) laugh.

Dad, we want you to know we are sorry for laughing at you when...

  • You got locked in Patrick's car while trying to fix the door lock system. We realize being trapped in small spaces freaks you out. We are glad that, despite the windows being fogged over by your panicked breaths, mom noticed your desperate knocks on the window as she walked by the car after her run and let you out. 
  • We tell the story of you choking on the steak at the campsite and trying to drink the Pepsi only to spray it out. We realize you love Pepsi and firmly believed it loved you back and was going to save you.  
  • Ella told you your glasses look funny. I warned you. She is matter of fact in her observations. 
  • Your foot rolls off the edge of the sidewalk - again - and you go stumbling through the grass til you catch your balance. (Have you considered walking down the center of sidewalks?) 
    • You had to chase Paisley through the neighborhood after she took off like a bat out of hell to chase a rabbit.  But really, who is able to run with such speed and determination and never think to set down his beer...or even spill a drop? Now that is love (even if it is obsessive-type love).

      Which brings me to my final message. We love you. Happy Father's Day!

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      1. You made my fathers day a very happy day as you have for the last 30 plus years.