Humor is also a way of saying something serious. - T. S. Eliot

Friday, June 18, 2010

June Monthly Update

Each month, I send a monthly update to those closest to me who want to hear about the kiddos. I'm not one of those moms who wants to brag about my children's greatness constantly, and so I got creative in the news I would report each month. Not that I put my children down or minimize them, but I try to capture their essence in words.

Since Andi is now a big girl (or so she thinks as she stands on the couch, jumping with her sisters), I am going to let her have the floor for this monthly update.

Andi says...

  • I have a boyfriend, 3 days my junior. I visit him each week at Ella's  gymnastics class. His mommy is Ella's teacher and they run the joint.  He speaks russian. He has kissed me, hugged me, and follows me around. Daddy said he better get a shot gun sooner than he thought he'd have to.

  • I like to practice my fine motor skills trying to pick up ants. It entertains me for long stretches of time (and freaks my sisters out).

  • I comb my hair. I love to be "pretty."
  • I love music. I dance, even to the elevator music I hear off the speaker phone when mommy is on hold.
  • I let myself outside since I have figured out how to open the screen door.
  • I have two sisters, they are both named "Ella."
  • Every fuzzy creature I meet is called "Cah cah" (after Mocha).
  • I pat-pat my sisters on the back when they are hurt.

This is what Ella says when mommy reminisced about my being born one year ago.

Ella - "We got to bring her home from the hospital. [pause] And we couldn't even take her back." I'm pretty sure they love me, though.

Here's what the Ellas said about me the day I was born, "She looks funny." Look whose talking, I say with a laugh!

I have to go. Mommy has a few things to add. Love, Andi

Ella and Sophia re-invented "Cheers." I mean the "cheers" that you do when you make a toast and clink a glass. Their version of it is to stick their tongues out of their mouths and press their tongues together.

Ella gave daddy a huge hug, and leaning in enthusiastically she exclaimed, "This is how much I LOOOOOOVVVE .......  Abbie!" Poor daddy. He just wishes to be as loved as the neighbor girl is.

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