Humor is also a way of saying something serious. - T. S. Eliot

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Butterfly

I found myself watching her as if she were a butterfly I just released. She had on a pink leotard with a skirt. As she propelled herself up in the air, it seemed like she was gently taking off to fly. Evenly, almost slowly, she came back down, the skirt flaring and rippling out. Music plays in the background, slow and graceful notes match Ella's movements. Ella made the trampoline look easy. Watching the smooth ups and downs was almost hypnotizing - soothing.

I watched her jump. It was one of those moments that catches your heart, and you begin to see your child as their own person with their own talents, strengths, passions. You realize that someday they will be their own person, fully guiding their own life, who is in it, what they do...

Up, down, up, down. She is in the moment. She is still small enough that listening to where her true passion lies, is still possible for her. I think children are very aware of their needs, their desires, their wants. And if we are quiet, they can hear their inner voice guide them, begin to trust that voice, and hopefully not lose touch with it. Somehow, as we all grow up, many of us lose it. We don't know what our true calling is anymore, or even where to look, as if it is somewhere outside ourselves. Demands of making a living, satisfying others wishes, or obtaining a certain status may get in our way of following our passion.

The sweet country singer ends her song. Ella lands her last jump and bolts for the next event, waving at me with a smile. She is happy, fulfilled, content. Her braided pigtails bounce and remind me she is only three, but she still has a powerful inner voice guiding her down the path she is meant to be on. And I am happy for her.

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